Tall Ships’ Races 2007

The 2007 edition of the Tall Ships’ Races started on the 5th of July from Aarhus.

Sirma took part in this long distance race, flying the burgee of the Royal Yacht Club of Belgium.

The offical program started in Aarhus. All the obligatory forms had to be completed, the yacht had to go trough safety inspection, etc. Off course, there were also the party’s....

To have a good start, a Belgian beer-party was organized on Sirma. To make this a very special occasion, Ben Vinken came to Aarhus. He is the well known editor of the magazine “Beerpassion”. That evening, he was “beersommelier” and organized a tasting of some unique Belgian beers.No need to say that our “cool” swimmingpool was the attraction of the day. All the Belgian competitors joined the party.

As the tasting got a little out of control, our beerstock was largely reduced. At least we were rid of this ballast.

The first race went from Aarhus (Denmark) to Kotka (Finland).

After the start of the A-class ships, the wind completely dropped. It soon became clear that these weatherconditons would not be very good for our Sirma. Almost the entire race was going to be downwind. In these conditions the more modern and lighter yachts had a clear advantage. To make things even worse, after about 20 hours the top was torn out of our brandnew spinnaker. There was no chance left for a good ranking.  We even lost the challenge we had set with another Belgian competitor, the yacht Steppe. However, this was no reason to complain. The deal was that the first ship to cross the finish line would make bacon an eggs for the entire crew of the second ship. So, in Kotka we had breakfast served on board Steppe.

The “Cruise in Company” took the ships to Stockholm (Sweden). From here, Race 2 would start.

Race 2 was from Stockholm to Szczecin (Poland).

This would be an entirely different game. Nearly all of the Race was upwind. This meant business for Sirma. Close to the wind in a choppy sea made for a very tiring race. It took us little more than 48 hours to be the second ship to cross the line. In our wake, two American competitors. At first “Better Than”, a Swan 45, followed by “Fazisi”, a former Whitbread Maxi. For a moment, we even hoped we would have linehonours but the Spanish yacht Hansa, an X62 was had already finished before us but had not been able to report to  Race Control. Anyhow, we were very happy with our result.

A third place in Class D and receiving the trophy on stage.

Many thanks to the magnificent crew, family friends, club, sponsors, supporters and hostcity’s who have all contributed to this succes.

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